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Responsive Website Themes

Modern web design faces unique challenges as behaviors change. A website needs to be able to appear on everything including desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile smart phone screen. This functionality requires a theme that can detect and respond to different screen sizes and processing abilities, scaling to suit the device that is rendering it. To make the most of modern technology and the ability to access the web from nearly anywhere, you need to make sure your website theme template is responsive to this new challenge and can render across a wide range of devices using different browsers. Old static themes that only show one screen resolution or linked to one browser language are no longer responsible choices for the modern business website.

Different devices have different set resolutions. From the smallest 480 by 600 smart phone screen to the huge 24 to 32 inch diagonal screens used on today’s modern desktops by hardcore gamers, a website needs to suit them all. Even though the bulk of computer users these days opt for mobile solutions, like the 7 inch tablet or the 16 inch netbook, one cannot count out any particular resolution when developing their website. Because of this, the best free website theme templates incorporate responsive design. This enables the site to:

  • Scale with the device in size and clarity. This means the smart phone has the same vivid impression that the PC web version has, with scaled down graphics and other elements to reduce wasted data costs.
  • Shift according orientation of the screen or size of the window. Tablets can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations. Responsive designs shift to the size of the window automatically to provide the best experience for the viewer.
  • Provide focus to those elements that are the most vital when dealing with low processor speeds for fast loading times and low data use. Since not all smart phones or tablets have top of the line processors or memory abilities, remaining optimized for lower power devices is a major factor for having responsive designs.

Why would one want to insist on using a responsive website theme template? The major reason is to tap into the increasing trend of mobile web access. More and more people are checking their favorite sites and stores through their mobile devices, be it phones or tablets. Having a site that is not receptive to these requirements means a loss of traffic as fewer households invest in desktop or laptop PCs that have larger screens and faster processors. The best free website theme templates come with mobile optimized designs that load quickly on tablets and phones enabling people to access them on the go no matter where they are.

If you desire your business website to tap into the changes in website browsing and performances you will need to have a responsive website theme template. You can find these at PageKits™ where all our themes are suitable for mobile devices and powerhouse desktop computers.

Search Engine Friendly Website Themes

Everyone on the Internet should be concerned with Search Engine Optimized websites. These sites are search engine friendly. If you are just getting into building a website for your business, this might confound you. However, template-based sites are automatically optimized for search engines. This means a search engine will be able to easily categorize what the site is about based on the content and list it correctly for those who want the product or service being offered to find easily. One might wonder why this is important. There are various reasons that a business owner should demand a search engine friendly web design for their site.

Exactly what can free theme templates provide by way of search engine friendly design? And why is this important? There are a number of benefits. A good WordPress theme template not only looks good and gives a great first impression but can be a key factor to getting more views through higher SEO rankings.

  • Front Page Google ranking – This is the dream of any top notch SEO effort. When specifically defined keywords are searched for the website should float to the top of the listings, allowing for more people doing searches to see the website. Being seen and standing out from the competition is the major reason to focus on SEO and have a search engine friendly design.
  • Hits – Most people searching for things look at the top 2-5 (or maybe the first page or two) before moving on. Often times one or two sites will get a “hit” or a look at by selecting a link and viewing the page. A hit is traffic, and the more a site has, the higher the traffic is.
  • Sales/inquiries – Hits and traffic can lead to sales, likes, networking through cross posting, and personal inquiries into services or products offered. These are the stuff of successful business, and the entire point of having a site in the first place. Higher traffic will raise one’s ranking, so a good template will fuel an uphill spiral if increased traffic and raised sales.

There is another element to consider when looking at increasing rank. The site design itself must be conductive to people wanting to stay there and read the content. The longer a person remains on the site looking it over the higher the chances are that a sale will be made or a contact forged. Ideally designed WordPress theme templates can offer this service at a fraction of the cost that a web developer would charge. Often times these templates allow the use of many features of WordPress to customize each section of the site for the best use while providing a professional consistency across all sub-pages. This level of professionalism helps establish consumer trust which further raises the chance of sales.

Find your ideal, professional and beautifully designed WordPress theme template at PageKits™ where we have a wide selection of search engine-friendly choices ready to raise the bar on you expectations for website ranking ad traffic performance.

Tips for Customized Website Design

Every website is a fingerprint of the business or individual that is behind it. Because of this, even when starting with a WordPress website theme, the company or person building it wants to be able to stamp their own personality on it. This level of customization is only possible when using the most advanced and intelligent kinds of templates. There are many things one can look for when selecting a layout including color options, blocking and element placement, graphic uploads and more. Some themes even enable one to have slightly different pages for different areas, like the home page, blog and news page being set up with different columns and the like. While using a web developer can give a fully customized site, most of the times, there are delays that exist with starting from code and working up. The site may take time to be published and require further tweaking to fully tap into SEO.

When looking for the ideal design as a basis for your custom site, you will want to focus on a few different elements. Color, graphics and font options are all worth keeping in mind. Each of these elements carries its own message which can impact if someone hangs around to read the material on the site or makes a purchase. The choice to go with free WordPress website themes over hiring a developer might be one to give careful consideration. Balancing cost and speed with full customization options can determine the way to go. Most businesses desire to get their site up and running quickly and they want the built in SEO to start working for them right away. This makes using WordPress a valid alternative to hiring a web developer to construct a website.

There are a lot of good tips to keep in mind when choosingg from free WordPress website themes to use as a base for your customized site. For one, WordPress comes with automatic SEO features, plus extra widgets that enable better keyword use for higher search result rankings. Having a high ranking site can lead to more traffic which makes your business more visible. Another feature that one really needs to look at is how graphics are placed within the site. The ease of adding a logo to help brand the products or services being offered by the site is of prime concern for any business. Many WordPress website theme offers great levels of selection for placement of logos on the site. Of course being able to select, customize and publish a site and make changes to existing ones without risking data on it is yet another plus. Furthermore, you get all these features without having to know how to code a thing, which opens up building a professional site for even the casual small business owner.

If you are considering a customized website give PageKits™ a chance to impress you with their wide selection of superior website theme templates that can get your customized SEO ready site out there fast.

Choosing the Right Web Design from Free Website Themes

The primary voice that a business has gone online comes directly from the web presence created by the website. It is for this reason that graphic elements, colors and font are all given a very high level of consideration. When it is time to sit down and look at the message that a business wants to give on a subconscious level, these factors must be taken into account. Different colors, fonts and graphics can relay completely different subtexts to the same information. How seriously that information is taken by the public is directly linked to the website theme chosen to backdrop it.

One can spend a lot for a professional template or opt for one of many free website themes and get the same final result with careful planning. A website theme offers a certain level of consistency across the entire website, where each sub-page may change in form or function, the basic colors and graphics remain the same to unify the various elements needed. A good template is flexible enough to incorporate widgets, allow customization and be easy to update, alter or change without risking the existing content on the site.

Since the website theme has such a vital and often overlooked role, it is important that the beginning business owner understand that his or her entire business success can hinge on two things: the willingness to work for self promotion and the look of the professional website chosen to speak for the business online. How a person then chooses from the many free website themes to pick the ideal one for a business? Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Color – The type of business is going to determine proper colors. If the business is looking to sell something, cool colors give the impression of trust, while warm colors are typically better for food items as they simulate the appetite. Consider the colors you are using and the underlying message they send.
  • Customization options – Check each theme to see if it is flexible enough to host an Online store, blog, contact sheet, news page, and other features that can help you promote and further your business. A static theme that forces you to use different designs for each element will look old fashioned and dated.
  • Layout – Consider what your main push is and select a basic template layout that suits your needs. Some templates have buttons to the side, others have them across the top, both choices define how the space in the middle is highlighted.
  • Graphic placement – Your brand logo needs to be located in a place on the site to help build brand recognition. Ensure the theme you select enables you to place graphic elements where they will be best seen and associated with your top products.

Selection of website themes should not be done just on chance or whim. When you have done your research and are looking for the best options, PageKits™ is here to help you formulate the ultimate look for your business presence online.

Why Use Pre-designed Website Themes?

When it comes to making an impression on the Internet, the website must speak for itself. The first impression is vital, and any site wishing to appear as professional, unified and pulled together as opposed as slapped together by a 5 year old needs a theme. A theme is a series of templates that carry from one section to another, loaded with unifying elements that tell users they are still on the same “page” when they hit a link. Before, one has to build their theme from scratch or hire a web developer to do it for them. These days, professional and beautiful WordPress theme can create the ideal pre-designed website at a fraction of the cost and headache.

What is it that makes free wordpress themes highly desired? It is the variety and complexity that can be achieved within each one. Simple customization is very possible within the theme and that allows for each site to be as unique as the person who has commissioned it. Perhaps of greater benefit though is the ability to create an advanced look even if one does not know website coding. Often times, a WordPress theme has a more polished look than beginning an HTML codes for website development.

It all goes back to that first impression, where a poorly designed website can rapidly descend a professional business over.

There are certain specific benefits to using free WordPress themes when designing a website. These benefits range from practical to visual. Here are the top advantages:

  • Cost – Hiring a web developer can cost $300 or more. A free WordPress theme is, unsurprisingly, free. Even if you buy a theme it will be a fraction of the cost over a custom site
  • Speed of Publication – Say you have something “hot” that you need to get out there on the web right away to take advantage of a trend. You know folks will buy what you have, if you get it out there fast. A traditional web designer is not going to have your site up and running in a day, or maybe even in a week, depending on how complicated a site you need, but using a theme you can have your site live in minutes.
  • Fast changes – Want to upgrade your existing site without losing anything? Using a website template or theme is the best way to have this functionality. Traditional designs often embed the design elements alongside the content and major changes risk dropping information and content.
  • SEO – Google and WordPress work well to get your page ranked high. The higher it ranks, the more hits it will get and the higher your traffic will be. High traffic means better sales.

When you are looking for knockout wordpress themes, all you need to do is to check out our website. We have selections of professional templates to make an outstanding impression to your website.