Responsive Website Themes

Modern web design faces unique challenges as behaviors change. A website needs to be able to appear on everything including desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile smart phone screen. This functionality requires a theme that can detect and respond to different screen sizes and processing abilities, scaling to suit the device that is rendering it. To make the most of modern technology and the ability to access the web from nearly anywhere, you need to make sure your website theme template is responsive to this new challenge and can render across a wide range of devices using different browsers. Old static themes that only show one screen resolution or linked to one browser language are no longer responsible choices for the modern business website.

Different devices have different set resolutions. From the smallest 480 by 600 smart phone screen to the huge 24 to 32 inch diagonal screens used on today’s modern desktops by hardcore gamers, a website needs to suit them all. Even though the bulk of computer users these days opt for mobile solutions, like the 7 inch tablet or the 16 inch netbook, one cannot count out any particular resolution when developing their website. Because of this, the best free website theme templates incorporate responsive design. This enables the site to:

  • Scale with the device in size and clarity. This means the smart phone has the same vivid impression that the PC web version has, with scaled down graphics and other elements to reduce wasted data costs.
  • Shift according orientation of the screen or size of the window. Tablets can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations. Responsive designs shift to the size of the window automatically to provide the best experience for the viewer.
  • Provide focus to those elements that are the most vital when dealing with low processor speeds for fast loading times and low data use. Since not all smart phones or tablets have top of the line processors or memory abilities, remaining optimized for lower power devices is a major factor for having responsive designs.

Why would one want to insist on using a responsive website theme template? The major reason is to tap into the increasing trend of mobile web access. More and more people are checking their favorite sites and stores through their mobile devices, be it phones or tablets. Having a site that is not receptive to these requirements means a loss of traffic as fewer households invest in desktop or laptop PCs that have larger screens and faster processors. The best free website theme templates come with mobile optimized designs that load quickly on tablets and phones enabling people to access them on the go no matter where they are.

If you desire your business website to tap into the changes in website browsing and performances you will need to have a responsive website theme template. You can find these at PageKits™ where all our themes are suitable for mobile devices and powerhouse desktop computers.