Search Engine Friendly Website Themes

Everyone on the Internet should be concerned with Search Engine Optimized websites. These sites are search engine friendly. If you are just getting into building a website for your business, this might confound you. However, template-based sites are automatically optimized for search engines. This means a search engine will be able to easily categorize what the site is about based on the content and list it correctly for those who want the product or service being offered to find easily. One might wonder why this is important. There are various reasons that a business owner should demand a search engine friendly web design for their site.

Exactly what can free theme templates provide by way of search engine friendly design? And why is this important? There are a number of benefits. A good WordPress theme template not only looks good and gives a great first impression but can be a key factor to getting more views through higher SEO rankings.

  • Front Page Google ranking – This is the dream of any top notch SEO effort. When specifically defined keywords are searched for the website should float to the top of the listings, allowing for more people doing searches to see the website. Being seen and standing out from the competition is the major reason to focus on SEO and have a search engine friendly design.
  • Hits – Most people searching for things look at the top 2-5 (or maybe the first page or two) before moving on. Often times one or two sites will get a “hit” or a look at by selecting a link and viewing the page. A hit is traffic, and the more a site has, the higher the traffic is.
  • Sales/inquiries – Hits and traffic can lead to sales, likes, networking through cross posting, and personal inquiries into services or products offered. These are the stuff of successful business, and the entire point of having a site in the first place. Higher traffic will raise one’s ranking, so a good template will fuel an uphill spiral if increased traffic and raised sales.

There is another element to consider when looking at increasing rank. The site design itself must be conductive to people wanting to stay there and read the content. The longer a person remains on the site looking it over the higher the chances are that a sale will be made or a contact forged. Ideally designed WordPress theme templates can offer this service at a fraction of the cost that a web developer would charge. Often times these templates allow the use of many features of WordPress to customize each section of the site for the best use while providing a professional consistency across all sub-pages. This level of professionalism helps establish consumer trust which further raises the chance of sales.

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