Choosing the Right Web Design from Free Website Themes

The primary voice that a business has gone online comes directly from the web presence created by the website. It is for this reason that graphic elements, colors and font are all given a very high level of consideration. When it is time to sit down and look at the message that a business wants to give on a subconscious level, these factors must be taken into account. Different colors, fonts and graphics can relay completely different subtexts to the same information. How seriously that information is taken by the public is directly linked to the website theme chosen to backdrop it.

One can spend a lot for a professional template or opt for one of many free website themes and get the same final result with careful planning. A website theme offers a certain level of consistency across the entire website, where each sub-page may change in form or function, the basic colors and graphics remain the same to unify the various elements needed. A good template is flexible enough to incorporate widgets, allow customization and be easy to update, alter or change without risking the existing content on the site.

Since the website theme has such a vital and often overlooked role, it is important that the beginning business owner understand that his or her entire business success can hinge on two things: the willingness to work for self promotion and the look of the professional website chosen to speak for the business online. How a person then chooses from the many free website themes to pick the ideal one for a business? Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Color – The type of business is going to determine proper colors. If the business is looking to sell something, cool colors give the impression of trust, while warm colors are typically better for food items as they simulate the appetite. Consider the colors you are using and the underlying message they send.
  • Customization options – Check each theme to see if it is flexible enough to host an Online store, blog, contact sheet, news page, and other features that can help you promote and further your business. A static theme that forces you to use different designs for each element will look old fashioned and dated.
  • Layout – Consider what your main push is and select a basic template layout that suits your needs. Some templates have buttons to the side, others have them across the top, both choices define how the space in the middle is highlighted.
  • Graphic placement – Your brand logo needs to be located in a place on the site to help build brand recognition. Ensure the theme you select enables you to place graphic elements where they will be best seen and associated with your top products.

Selection of website themes should not be done just on chance or whim. When you have done your research and are looking for the best options, PageKits™ is here to help you formulate the ultimate look for your business presence online.