Why Use Pre-designed Website Themes?

When it comes to making an impression on the Internet, the website must speak for itself. The first impression is vital, and any site wishing to appear as professional, unified and pulled together as opposed as slapped together by a 5 year old needs a theme. A theme is a series of templates that carry from one section to another, loaded with unifying elements that tell users they are still on the same “page” when they hit a link. Before, one has to build their theme from scratch or hire a web developer to do it for them. These days, professional and beautiful WordPress theme can create the ideal pre-designed website at a fraction of the cost and headache.

What is it that makes free wordpress themes highly desired? It is the variety and complexity that can be achieved within each one. Simple customization is very possible within the theme and that allows for each site to be as unique as the person who has commissioned it. Perhaps of greater benefit though is the ability to create an advanced look even if one does not know website coding. Often times, a WordPress theme has a more polished look than beginning an HTML codes for website development.

It all goes back to that first impression, where a poorly designed website can rapidly descend a professional business over.

There are certain specific benefits to using free WordPress themes when designing a website. These benefits range from practical to visual. Here are the top advantages:

  • Cost – Hiring a web developer can cost $300 or more. A free WordPress theme is, unsurprisingly, free. Even if you buy a theme it will be a fraction of the cost over a custom site
  • Speed of Publication – Say you have something “hot” that you need to get out there on the web right away to take advantage of a trend. You know folks will buy what you have, if you get it out there fast. A traditional web designer is not going to have your site up and running in a day, or maybe even in a week, depending on how complicated a site you need, but using a theme you can have your site live in minutes.
  • Fast changes – Want to upgrade your existing site without losing anything? Using a website template or theme is the best way to have this functionality. Traditional designs often embed the design elements alongside the content and major changes risk dropping information and content.
  • SEO – Google and WordPress work well to get your page ranked high. The higher it ranks, the more hits it will get and the higher your traffic will be. High traffic means better sales.

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